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Library Facility

Extensive resources of knowledge are available to members in a well-catalogued and accessible library. It includes treasures from some of history’s greatest teachers, plus a record of the discussions and answers provided by those who have personally guided the group through its sixty years of work in New Zealand, London and elsewhere around the world. These materials provide inspiration and a framework for members’ ongoing personal discovery.

Access to the Wellington Meditation Centre Library

The Library contains around two thousand books on themes of interest to our members and to scholars of spiritual traditions of many varieties. Of particular interest may be English translations of the classical Sanskrit phonetics of Panini, Sanskrit Dictionaries and related material. Extensive Biblical Concordances, encyclopaedias and particular works relating to the Christian Mystical tradition are held. Works relating to P.D. Ouspensky and his direct followers (particularly material from Dr. Francis Roles) are available. Editions of the Khoran, Upanishads and Dhamapada with extensive scholarly commentaries; Sufi material etc. are present. Non dualistic traditions (eg.Advaita) are particularly well represented. Wellington Meditation Centre newsletters with an index are also available.

The library catalogue can be viewed/ downloaded here.

To gain a view of the material available in the library please apply to Ron Ward (04 9708420). If further study is required a written statement of the extent of access and the object of research should be made to the Society who will undertake to inform you of any restrictions that might be required on a case by case basis.

Books for Sale

Title Price
Good Company $23
Good Company II $25
Being $25
A Method of Self Realization $8
Voyage of Discovery $23
The Man who Wanted to Meet God $25
A Lasting Freedom $12
Birth and Death $10.50
Circle of 9 Points $5
FCR and the New Zealand Connection $43
The Bridge No 14 $40
No 12 $20
Nos 5, 8, 10, 11 $9