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The discussion groups bring together people who want to discover more about their own nature and the universe, look at the real questions of human life and experience their true potential.

There is a unity underlying everything about us; but our minds are preoccupied with our separate lives, we lose touch with it and we forget who we really are.

In the discussion groups  we explore ways to live more in the present moment and to come to rest in our true selves.

This 'non-dualistic' approach comes from our connection with HH Shantanand Saraswati, Shankaracharya of North India, introduced to us through Dr. Frances Roles of The Study Society, London. From this we have a method of meditation and resource of knowledge directed to self-realisation. We also look to Rumi and other thinkers and scientists. 

Several groups meet each week with slightly differing approaches. Topics vary, but typically include:

  • self realisation
  • ideas for daily living
  • inner rest and freedom
  • meditation
  • our inner nature
  • self knowledge.

Monthly meditation meetings provide a space for us to rest from the turbulent world and be nourished by inspiring readings and good company. Everyone is welcome regardless of beliefs, religious affiliation or background. 

All groups encourage discussion and questions.

Our experience is that personal discovery comes through each individual putting into practice, to the best of their ability, whatever principle the individual recognises as valuable.

There are also weekends and residential weeks, held at 'Strathean' country retreat at Te Horo. These periods allow more time to consider themes of interest, meditation together and to enjoy the company of others with similar interests.

INQUIRIES about attending a discussion group – please telephone during evenings or email: 

Lucette 021 0257 4238
Jim 021 689 998