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Join us for meditation and discussion of topics of spiritual interest.
Starting on WEDNESDAY 2 JUNE @ 7:30 pm are two 5-week series of evenings, each series following a different theme:

1 : "Awakening to who we are" - do we know our true selves?

2: "Physical, subtle and causal" .... (how they interact).

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The Wellington Meditation Centre (WMC) (formerly called Wellington Study Group) brings together people who want to discover more about their own nature and the universe, look at the real questions of human life, and experience their true potential.

There is a unity underlying everything about us; but with our minds preoccupied with our separate lives we lose touch with it and forget who we really are.


In the WMC we explore ways to live more in the present moment and to come to rest in our true selves.

The WMC is not affiliated to any religious organisation, is a not-for-profit incorporated society and is registered by the Charities Services (under the name Wellington Study Group) as a charitable entity (CC38768).

It is autonomous, but linked to similar groups located in London, New York, Sydney, Auckland and other centres around the world.

The WMC offers:

  • Discussion groups – where we consider consciousness and how it connects us with inner stillness and uncovers individual and wider purposes. Ways are offered to apply what is discussed in everyday living.
  • a method of Meditation – to bring rest, happiness and effectiveness, while living a normal life in the community.
  • Whirling Dervish Turning – approaching inner stillness through physical movement by a traditional method, taught and practised with others.

Anyone who wants to step outside their personal limitations is welcome.

Individuals can participate in any activity they choose. No commitment to a belief or doctrine is involved.