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I wondered if you’d like to include this little ditty (with apologies to Paul Simon). The Green Room group is currently looking at the Shankaracharya’s teachings on Freedom and Bondage. In my reflections part of this song came to mind so I looked it up. It lends itself well to being adapted like this. Just a bit of fun.

Frances Sign-in to read

On 19 June, 2016, Leigh Corner gave the after dinner talk to a gathering of Wellington Study Group (WSG) members and guests. In this talk he explored insights he gained through a life of discovery, which has led to the here and now. Sign-in to read

On Sunday 30 November 2016 about twenty members gathered to discuss important questions that aimed to provide more clarity about what draws us, and perhaps generate options for the future of the WSG. The focus was very much to be on meta-questions rather than operational concerns.

Michael Harris led with the question, "what is it that we value in coming together in the study group?" The conversation led to further questions: "What is the source of this motivation?" ... "Could Good Company be better serviced by a change in format?" … “How we might continue in the future with new people in a different age?”

The fruitful discussion that followed conveyed a real sense of how much of a treasure it is that we have, and led to an offer to organise a smaller group to brainstorm some ideas. Sign-in to read

Frances writes: You may have already seen this cartoon that is circulating on the internet but it tickled me!  All these years we philosophical-types have been sitting in high lonely places asking ourselves, Who am I? Who Am I? [“Well then what are you ?” said His Holiness] and maybe also wondering if we will ever find out! Did we ev... Sign-in to read

In keeping with our teachings, our committee work should be done in the simplest way possible so we reserve our energy for the voyage. Are we in danger of our duties and projects providing too much “preoccupation”? When reviewing the activities of the committee over the past year this question did come up in my mind. With that thought in mind I offer you the following report of our activities. Sign-in to read

Autumn Gardening Day at Hobson Crescent
About fifteen people gathered at Hobson Crescent on Saturday, 19 March 2016, to conduct Autumn maintenance work on the gardens. Much that was old was cut away, four large sacks worth plus a bin-full, in fact, and space was created for new growth next Spring.

The evidence of all the blissful work is in the tidy results, seen in the photos with this article. Sign-in to read

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