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This article contains a link to the text of a talk that Ron Ward gave at the mid-winter feast on Sunday, 17 June 2018. This talk was created as an introduction to Dante’s Poem.

The Poem is often referred to these days as “The Divine Comedy” but was designated by Dante simply as, “Comedia”; a title that really only indicated it was fiction. The question, to which you will have to find your own answers is: Is any valid spiritual path created entirely by seekers, or is it entirely or partially created by a link with a higher intelligence? Sign-in to read

Annual Report of The Wellington Study Group March 2018 Introduction Fifty years ago this year a group calling themselves the School of Philosophy bought a property near Otaki and called it Strathean.  There were over one hundred of them. They were young, and they were exploring themselves and the world around them.  Many years later her... Sign-in to read

Since the early 1970's, the WSG has encouraged its members to record things of interest and inspiration in a Newsletter that was posted and distributed in various ways to other members. These Newsletters were also used for conveying administrative information, such as a date calendar.  An almost complete collection of these newsletters is now... Sign-in to read

Over the weekend of 27th March to 1st April 2017, up to fifteen people participated in harvesting fruit, felling trees, and construction of a herb garden at Strathean. Three meditations a day were enjoyed by all. Material from The Record was presented in three sessions which included interesting discussions. Many also shared in a pre-meditation “sacred walk” through our trees. While much of the rest of the country was subject to a deluge, at Strathean there was only occasional light rain ... “Strathean weather.” Sign-in to read

Larry Purchas, chairman of the Wellington Study Group, presents the annual report. He writes that this past year has seen a confluence of several events coming together which has produced an exciting feeling of entering a new chapter. "With the focus on opening doors to new members, a resurgence of the turning and ongoing liaison with SOP we have an exciting path ahead." Sign-in to read

As many are aware, we’ve been cooking some chickpeas this past month. For those less familiar with the turning tradition, this is what we say when we are training new turners. It follows from a poem by Rumi.

We are planning Mukabelehs additional to those in the WSG term calendar originally published, and WSG members are invited.

Also, note that some rooms at Hobson Crescent will be in use 5:30pm - 6:30pm Wednesdays from 5 April. Sign-in to read

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